13 Tips For Improving Landing Page Design

01/ Use a colour overlay on images with text

Sometimes you’ll have to work with some crappy images. Try using them more like a background texture rather than a main focal element by overlaying the brand colour at a semi-opaque setting. This will give you the necessary contrast to make overlaid text readable. In the example below, I also applied a dark blue drop shadow to the text to further boost contrast.

02/ Don’t over do negative space

Designers love negative space and we always hear how we should have more of it on the web. But when there’s excessive negative space between elements that belong together, the eye stutters and falls into empty voids instead of easily flowing over connected elements.

03/ No one likes a word salad

Anyone who has looked at website analytics knows you have a very small amount of time to grab someone’s attention. Get to the point.

04/ Even text only layouts should be visually appealing

Text only sections of a landing page can be hard to design, especially if you don’t have the opportunity or resources to use illustration, iconography or photography. Look to your brand colours and typographic details as quick wins to lift your design.

05/ Icons small, illustrations big

Icons are great, but they should know their place. These guys are simple by nature and love to play a supporting role. Blow them up a big and now you just have a bad illustration. If you’re using an icon with a title, you’ll want the title to pop out first.

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