10 easy tricks to improve your website design

Everyone starts his design journey as a beginner, and your aesthetic eye has to be trained like everything else. Looking at Dribbble designs could be extremely helpful, but sometimes you just appreciate designs but do not understand why.

No ideas. Bad assets to work with. No clue what to design. All these reasons could slow down and frustrate you, so now I’ll show you 10 extremely simple design tricks, that do not require any particular skill, and how to improve your ugly designs.

Remember that these aren’t rules, but tricks that work most of the time.

10) Go black and white.

No ideas? No good images? just go black and white. You can obtain a brutalist design with the right composition. This helps you understand balancing, white space, and how to use texts and geometries.

Let’s see a fast example.

Replacing items with a black rectangle. Soft objects with grey.

9) Create a “balance scheme”.

You obviously have to go by eye, but let’s see some calculations.

The left area black rectangles sum up to around

(236 * 138 ) + (934 * 132 ) + ( 313 * 69 ) + (674 * 44) = 207109 pixels

While the big right rectangle counts around

446 x 446 = 198916 pixels.

they just differ by a small difference: 3.9558%!

Note: yes the inkspot is smaller than the rectangle, but being pretty sharp and detailed makes it attract more attention.

I didn’t calculate it before designing. After years of practice, this just becomes automatic, since your eye will feel wrong balances.

8) Present the design with a background.

The example I brought before is presented on a grey background, but you can try different things. This helps to create some depth and context to your design.

But beware: in a real website you’ll not have that extra space, so it’s just a presentation trick!

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